Cheapsweep Chimney Sweeping Services

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Don't wait until winter! Prepare Now!

If you want to avoid a smokey fireplace this season get in early and have your chimney swept with Cheapsweep.

For over 21 years we've been offering South Australian customers an affordable, friendly, prompt and reliable chimney sweeping service and we will continue to keep offering our great services at an affordable price.

When you book in your Cheapsweep Chimney Sweep not only will our ACSA Certified tradesperson thoroughly sweep the flues and chimneys of all you combustion heaters, wood stoves and open fireplaces, but they will also carry out our 6 point safety checks, remove all of the dangerous soot and creosote deposits leaving your fireplace clean and ready for use immediately and will guarantee the work done for the whole season!

Our qualified professionals can carry out a range of minor repairs, replace door seals and glass fittings, replace worn fire bricks, arrange for speedy replacement of hard to get parts for most models of combustion heaters, check and seal roof/chimney for leaks, educate new or inexperienced combustion heater/open fireplace owners on lighting and mantaining a safe and effective fire, plus much, much more.

For your peace of mind we can also fire test your flue to ensure that your fireplace is safe and ready for use.

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We are an Australian Chimney Sweep Association (ACSA) Certified Company.